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  • Is the pub under new ownsership?
  • Will you be open seven days a week?
    We are now open 7 days a week. Our kitchen isn't fully open on mondays but we have a limited menu with small eats.
  • How late is the kitchen open?
    The kitchen closes at 10pm every night.
  • Do you have a phone number?
    We do not, you can contact us through email or social media.
  • Is there Brunch?
    Yes! Check the hours on the home page.
  • Are there gluten free, vegan or vegetarian options?"
    We put out our Pub Food Menu 1.0, the chef is getting acclimated to his new home. Many changes on the menu are coming, including these options.
  • Are you showing Euro Soccer games?
    We are a pub that will always play whatever sports games are on, but we are not a dedicated sports establishment. Pittsburgh sports come first, of course. We will open early for as many games as we can, keep an eye out on our social media for more information.
  • Is there a waitlist / reservations?
    Everything is first come first serve, seat yourself, we do not have a wait list or take reservations. After 10pm, please go to the bar for your drink orders. Table service will stop when the kitchen closes.
  • Can I host a private event / party at the pub?
    You can contact us via our website email or on Facebook.
  • Where's the best parking?
    If you are driving, please park on North Avenue and walk up Monterey.
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